Friday, May 17, 2013

Recent Trends In Mobile Application Development

Over the years we have seen mobile technologies advancing and offering mobile users features and applications which allow them to do what could only be done from computers and laptops by simply reaching out for their pockets. The implementation of mobile applications for ecommerce (like buying plain or movie tickets, or accessing website services by mobile) is growing exponentially; as a result, trends in the mobile application developments are constantly changing. There are souring expectations in the mobile marketplace for mobile apps that have better scalability, are easy to use and have appealing user interfaces. This has put pressure on mobile app developers to come up with trends that can meet and exceed these expectations. It is predicted that 2013 will see 73 billion of mobile application downloads and this number is expected to grow four times bigger in 2016. The year 2013 is marked by the following mobile application development trends:

HTML 5 and Web Applications
Smartphones offer strong mobile browsers because of their advanced JavaScript, CSS3 and HTML 5 capabilities. This makes it easy for smartphone users to access websites and enjoy great web page features even on a small screen. Mobile apps can also have similar functions of a native app or even look like it. This trend is common these days for designing mobile websites.

Hybridized Applications
A hybridized app will give you all the advantages of access to application programming interfaces (APIs). A hybridized app is basically a native app with fixed HTML. This recent trend is developed by combining web technologies and APIs, particularly, representational state transfer (REST) APIs. The result is a mobile application which is flexible and has the exiting native elements.

Native Applications
Native apps can be easily interfaced with Operating Systems in mobile devices; therefore you don’t need a container app. They use the embedded features in smartphones so they look just like the mobile which contain them.

Elan Emerging Technologies is always one step ahead when it comes to advanced trends in mobile application development. Their smart and unprecedented mobile app innovations services for the smartphone market leaders like Android, iPhone, Blackberry and iPad. They have offices in USA, Canada, Australia and Europe while their headquarter office is based at Ahmedabad, India. Their remarkably savvy developers and programmers are famous for producing high quality mobile apps and the flood of positive customer feedback on their website testifies to this.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Elan Emerging Technologies - Offshore Software Development Company

Since its inception, Elan Emerging Technologies has aspired to become a pioneer in the offshore software development zone. Over time, circling its orbit of delivering globally competitive software, it has gained amazing momentum which has resulted in unprecedented growth. In 2011 Deloitte awarded it as one of the top 50 fastest growing Technology companies in India and one of the top 500 among the Asia Pacific region.

Being registered under Software Technology Parks of India, it has garnered exceptionally talented technical and managerial workforce. Several of its team members are PMI certified PMP professionals. And as the rule of nature goes, team of A players produce a consortium of excellent products. This is why the web applications, mobile applications, cloud computing services, social and marketing services provided by us are at par with the contemporary products delivered by well known vendors worldwide.

We focus primarily on client's requirements, and expectations. We allocate a team of analysts to thoroughly analyze the scenario and come up with the best suitable solution for the challenge faced by the client. Following that, a development team sets off to write code and generate a seamlessly working, error-free software which perfectly fits the client's void and helps them enhance their business.

Elan Emerging Technologies is an offshore software development company in India. Company have professional team of skilled Developers to provide application development services that meet clients business needs.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Mobile and Web Application Effect on the Communication Inside an Organization

Mobile and web applications have changed the dynamics of modern day communications. A couple of years back no one thought it would become this easy to communicate with your colleagues.

Business organisations are beginning to see the benefit in expanding their horizons and the ways in which they communicate within themselves. An organization used to be able to communicate with its members only by written correspondence that was either mailed from the post office or sent through inter-office mail. As times begin to advance, businesses are able to communicate more quickly and more effectively by using mobile and web applications instead of traditional paper mail. But how can these methods work so well for organizations?

There are several specific applications that make web and mobile communication so much simpler. One of these is the Dropbox, which allows many people to share a folder that is located online. This folder can be opened, viewed, edited, and added by anyone with access. That means all the documents contained within can also be accessed and edited by everyone. This makes file sharing much easier than before.

Another application that can make business communication much easier is Skype. This application allows people to communicate face-to-face and in real time without having to travel. In fact, employees can communicate with each other, as well as superiors, subordinates and even clients and customers can quickly and easily communicate using this method. And even better, you can communicate with anyone, all over the globe, as long as you both have internet access. It's really as simple as that. These applications have enabled work mates to be able to communicate without the need to make any physical movements from one office to another. Using applications like Skype, one can send a small file like letters or memos or CV’s to a colleague in the next office thus even reduce the need to print and make photocopies. This reduces cost and reduces noise around the work area caused by printers and photocopy machines. At the same time colleagues have the ability to chat and get work instructions when a boss is delegating work to his juniors. Not just Skype but chat application like Google chat and Yahoo have revolutionized this kind of communication and the applications are available on mobile phones as well as computers.

Another type of application that comes in real handy in businesses is Daylite Touch. This is a program, which combines your calendar and your tasks with those people in your group or on your team. That way you can all come up with the best times to collaborate and you can all see what the others are working on. This aids in your communication so you know how your group projects are coming along. You'll also be able to work on the project as a team instead of only one person at a time.

These are by far not the only methods you can use for web and mobile communication. Applications like JumpDesktop, which allows you to access your desktop remotely to gather and present information, Right Signature, which allows e-signatures for legal documents while you're visiting clients, and SalesForce which gives you leads and access to customer's requests and makes your business more productive and helps you with your communication methods. Even applications like Facebook and Twitter can help you communicate with your customers and employees easily and that means more profit and less time and money spent.

Elan Emerging Technologies an app development company develops mobile apps based on your need.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Custom Asp.Net Web Application for Improve Site's Functionality

ASP.Net is one of the most powerful yet flexible applications that deliver rich elements as well as opportunities used for web solutions and web applications development. The Asp.Net emerged in the market as a framework from the house of Microsoft with various advantageous features along with the server coding, compatible web elements and web optimizations of different forms. The Asp.Net developers should have the proficiency and expertise of working in the .Net environment to cater to the client’s requirement. Some of the areas that the Asp.Net developers work on include:

  • ASP.Net applications development
  • ASP.Net designing 
  • ASP.Net features and enhancements
  • ASP.Net customization
  • ASP.Net integration services
  • ASP.Net mobile solutions
  • ASP.Net AJAX solutions
  • ASP.Net porting, migration or re-coding services
  • ASP.Net module, theme and component development
  • ASP.Net, consultancy, maintenance and support services
  • ASP.Net application up-gradation or modernization services

Customization of application with Asp.Net

Businesses nowadays require customized solution and is one of the most widely used frameworks that the developers use. The .net framework supports numerous programming languages and that is why it offers the developers the flexibility and versatility to develop solutions for even the most complex business requirement.

The custom Asp.Net development includes two main components. These are:

  • Framework class libraries
  • Runtime common language

The Asp.Net application development depends on the object oriented programming since it does not require adding any source code. The codes remain encrypted in a library file. The customized solution with the Asp.Net framework is one of the most dependable environments for both the developers and the end users.

Elan Emerging Technologies a custom app development company develops customized as well as enterprise-level web applications based on your need.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Mobile App Development & Web Development Services at Elan Emerging Technologies

Choosing perfect offshore development companies will help you to increase your online business. Elan Emerging Technologies which is situated at Ahmadabad, India an innovative IT Services. Which has been giving IT services to their clients since 2005 with high clients satisfaction. Our software development company deals with all kinds of software application services and their maintenance for long term as well as giving a parts of the clients projects according to their requirement with an innovative applications and latest features that helps to develop application in today’s competitive software offshore market by our skilled developer with latest technologies.

We are the leaders in major software development services like Web Apps, Mobile Apps, Cloud Services, Ecommerce Apps Development, Internet Marketing, Search Engine Optimization services to the clients.

Elan Emerging Technologies have highly skilled developers they have been working with clients in advanced technologies and latest tools which has been a part of analysis your application and then implementation that gives you to the best possible solutions which capable to enhance your application friendly.

Our Strength is Our 150 skilled Employees & we are having 4 Development center also branches in worldwide and We have lots of achievements like ISO 9001:2008 Certified, STPI (software technology park of India), Deloitte Technology fast 50 India Winner as well Deloitte Technology fast 500 Asia Pacific winner.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Elan Emerging Technologies for Custom Application Development

Elan Emerging Technologies is a company providing professional-level customized solution, Web applications development, SEO Services, full-featured online shopping stores, Software development, Client server technology. We design, manage, build and maintain high quality solutions for a wide range of businesses and individuals. 

Elan Emerging Technologies has established expertise in area of Offshore Dedicated Development Center (ODC), Application Development and Maintenance, Application Migration and Re-engineering, Software as a Service (SaaS), Product Development and Support, Enterprise Solutions, Web Development, Game Development, Mobile Solutions, Multimedia Design Services and Search Engine Optimization.

In a short span of time of our formation we have grown exponentially just by our dedication to work and clients across the globe. Our team of programmers, engineers, strategists, graphic designers, and consultants work together to create a complete end-to-end solution that is compelling and dynamic. We develop solutions to fit clients specific business objectives.