Friday, May 17, 2013

Recent Trends In Mobile Application Development

Over the years we have seen mobile technologies advancing and offering mobile users features and applications which allow them to do what could only be done from computers and laptops by simply reaching out for their pockets. The implementation of mobile applications for ecommerce (like buying plain or movie tickets, or accessing website services by mobile) is growing exponentially; as a result, trends in the mobile application developments are constantly changing. There are souring expectations in the mobile marketplace for mobile apps that have better scalability, are easy to use and have appealing user interfaces. This has put pressure on mobile app developers to come up with trends that can meet and exceed these expectations. It is predicted that 2013 will see 73 billion of mobile application downloads and this number is expected to grow four times bigger in 2016. The year 2013 is marked by the following mobile application development trends:

HTML 5 and Web Applications
Smartphones offer strong mobile browsers because of their advanced JavaScript, CSS3 and HTML 5 capabilities. This makes it easy for smartphone users to access websites and enjoy great web page features even on a small screen. Mobile apps can also have similar functions of a native app or even look like it. This trend is common these days for designing mobile websites.

Hybridized Applications
A hybridized app will give you all the advantages of access to application programming interfaces (APIs). A hybridized app is basically a native app with fixed HTML. This recent trend is developed by combining web technologies and APIs, particularly, representational state transfer (REST) APIs. The result is a mobile application which is flexible and has the exiting native elements.

Native Applications
Native apps can be easily interfaced with Operating Systems in mobile devices; therefore you don’t need a container app. They use the embedded features in smartphones so they look just like the mobile which contain them.

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