Thursday, February 14, 2013

Custom Asp.Net Web Application for Improve Site's Functionality

ASP.Net is one of the most powerful yet flexible applications that deliver rich elements as well as opportunities used for web solutions and web applications development. The Asp.Net emerged in the market as a framework from the house of Microsoft with various advantageous features along with the server coding, compatible web elements and web optimizations of different forms. The Asp.Net developers should have the proficiency and expertise of working in the .Net environment to cater to the client’s requirement. Some of the areas that the Asp.Net developers work on include:

  • ASP.Net applications development
  • ASP.Net designing 
  • ASP.Net features and enhancements
  • ASP.Net customization
  • ASP.Net integration services
  • ASP.Net mobile solutions
  • ASP.Net AJAX solutions
  • ASP.Net porting, migration or re-coding services
  • ASP.Net module, theme and component development
  • ASP.Net, consultancy, maintenance and support services
  • ASP.Net application up-gradation or modernization services

Customization of application with Asp.Net

Businesses nowadays require customized solution and is one of the most widely used frameworks that the developers use. The .net framework supports numerous programming languages and that is why it offers the developers the flexibility and versatility to develop solutions for even the most complex business requirement.

The custom Asp.Net development includes two main components. These are:

  • Framework class libraries
  • Runtime common language

The Asp.Net application development depends on the object oriented programming since it does not require adding any source code. The codes remain encrypted in a library file. The customized solution with the Asp.Net framework is one of the most dependable environments for both the developers and the end users.

Elan Emerging Technologies a custom app development company develops customized as well as enterprise-level web applications based on your need.

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