Monday, February 25, 2013

Mobile and Web Application Effect on the Communication Inside an Organization

Mobile and web applications have changed the dynamics of modern day communications. A couple of years back no one thought it would become this easy to communicate with your colleagues.

Business organisations are beginning to see the benefit in expanding their horizons and the ways in which they communicate within themselves. An organization used to be able to communicate with its members only by written correspondence that was either mailed from the post office or sent through inter-office mail. As times begin to advance, businesses are able to communicate more quickly and more effectively by using mobile and web applications instead of traditional paper mail. But how can these methods work so well for organizations?

There are several specific applications that make web and mobile communication so much simpler. One of these is the Dropbox, which allows many people to share a folder that is located online. This folder can be opened, viewed, edited, and added by anyone with access. That means all the documents contained within can also be accessed and edited by everyone. This makes file sharing much easier than before.

Another application that can make business communication much easier is Skype. This application allows people to communicate face-to-face and in real time without having to travel. In fact, employees can communicate with each other, as well as superiors, subordinates and even clients and customers can quickly and easily communicate using this method. And even better, you can communicate with anyone, all over the globe, as long as you both have internet access. It's really as simple as that. These applications have enabled work mates to be able to communicate without the need to make any physical movements from one office to another. Using applications like Skype, one can send a small file like letters or memos or CV’s to a colleague in the next office thus even reduce the need to print and make photocopies. This reduces cost and reduces noise around the work area caused by printers and photocopy machines. At the same time colleagues have the ability to chat and get work instructions when a boss is delegating work to his juniors. Not just Skype but chat application like Google chat and Yahoo have revolutionized this kind of communication and the applications are available on mobile phones as well as computers.

Another type of application that comes in real handy in businesses is Daylite Touch. This is a program, which combines your calendar and your tasks with those people in your group or on your team. That way you can all come up with the best times to collaborate and you can all see what the others are working on. This aids in your communication so you know how your group projects are coming along. You'll also be able to work on the project as a team instead of only one person at a time.

These are by far not the only methods you can use for web and mobile communication. Applications like JumpDesktop, which allows you to access your desktop remotely to gather and present information, Right Signature, which allows e-signatures for legal documents while you're visiting clients, and SalesForce which gives you leads and access to customer's requests and makes your business more productive and helps you with your communication methods. Even applications like Facebook and Twitter can help you communicate with your customers and employees easily and that means more profit and less time and money spent.

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